• Clarke CFP Pro 20HD Floor Machine

    Clarke CFP Pro 20HD Floor Machine

    The CFP Pro® 17 and 20 floor machines are rugged high powered machines built for years of use in a wide range of floor machine applications. With easy-to-use fingertip controls and multiple safety features, such as handle-mounted safety switch, and a...

    $1,065.00 $959.00
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  • Clarke BSW 28 Sweeper

    Clarke BSW 28 Sweeper

    Designed to be rugged and versatile, Clarke’s new BSW 28 Sweeper has the performance for both hard floors and carpets. Featuring a 28 inch sweeping path, gel batteries, self propelled traction, and an active side broom that sweeps even the smallest...

    $4,762.00 $4,286.00
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