• Advance SC5000 Ride-On Scrubber

    Advance SC5000 Ride-On Scrubber

    6+ hours typical run time with 420 Ah battery for maximum cleaning coverage per battery charge Safe operations ensured by features such robust bumpers, automatic and mechanical braking, Clear-View™ design, and ergonomic operator...

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  • RD-Fx™  UVC System

    RD-Fx™ UVC System

    The RD-Fx™UVC System is a fixed mount system providing rapid disinfection of coronavirus and other harmful pathogens like viruses and bacteria in under 2 minutes. This is an ideal UVC system for procedure or treatment rooms in healthcare facilities...

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  • RD UVC Disinfection System

    RD UVC Disinfection System

    Operate with a proven level of disinfection. Only the RDUVC System provides the proof you demand. Manual cleaning simply isn’t enough to make sure your patient rooms and equipment are their cleanest and ready for the next...

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  • Advance SC901 Automatic Scrubber

    Advance SC901 Automatic Scrubber

    Unsurpassed Simplicity and Reliability Maintaining an industrial facility can be challenging. That is why Advance developed the SC901™, a simple machine allowing facility operators to focus on core tasks in a productive manner. The SC901...

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  • Clarke EX40 18LX

    Clarke EX40 18LX

    Clarke is carrying on their long tradition of durable, user-friendly extractors with the introduction of the EX40™ 16ST and 18LX self-contained extractors. These CRI certified cleaning machines are proven to very effectively remove soil from your...

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  • Clarke CA60

    Clarke CA60 Walk Behind Scrubber

    The Clarke CA60 Autoscrubber is the newest compact floor scrubber from Clarke. Replacing the Clarke Focus II Compact L20, the Clarke CA60 offers the same productivity but maximizes tank capacity and reduces costs in key areas, producing a machine that is...

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