Specialty Products

  • RD UVC Disinfection System

    RD UVC Disinfection System

    Operate with a proven level of disinfection. Only the RDUVC System provides the proof you demand. Manual cleaning simply isn’t enough to make sure your patient rooms and equipment are their cleanest and ready for the next...

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  • Advance ES4000 Extractor

    Advance ES4000 Extractor

    The Advance ES4000 lets you perform everything from daily touch ups of high traffic areas, to low-moisture cleaning, to periodic restorative extraction. All with complete control, simple, One-Touch™ operation and higher levels of productivity in...

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  • Clarke AM2400D Floor Dryer

    Clarke AM2400D Floor Dryer

    The powerful yet compact AM2400D™ air mover provides the power and versatility to quickly dry floors and circulate air. A 3-speed induction motor with thermal protection delivers up to 2,400 CFM air flow while minimizing energy usage. Four position...

    $292.00 $263.00
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  • Advance Dust Magnet Start-Up Kit

    Advance Dust Magnet Start-Up Kit

    • Lightweight and durable aluminum handle and hardware• No oil or chemical treatments required, reducing film residues and potential hazards• Disposable dust sheets reduce the risk of cross contamination, and never require laundering•...

    $137.07 $123.00
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  • Advance MC1200 Extractor

    Advance MC1200 Extractor

    The MC1200™ features an improved dual-surface design that significantly increases your cleaning capability. Using high pressure water at 1,200 psi for hard surface cleaning of tile and grout and other hard surfaces, the MC1200 easily loosens soils...

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  • Advance All Cleaner XP All Purpose Cleaner

    Advance All Cleaner XP All Purpose Cleaner

    The Advance All Cleaner™XP deliver touchless hard-surface cleaning up to three times faster than traditional cleaning methods, each in a compact unit smaller than a shopping cart. The All CleanerXP combines an automatic chemical system, indoor...

    $5,292.00 $4,763.00
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  • Advance Adphibian Extractor-Scrubber

    Advance Adphibian Extractor-Scrubber

    The first combination extractor-scrubber, Advance’s Adphibian™ soft and hard floor machine is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility by enabling cleaning staff to use one machine to clean carpets scrub hard floors. A 30 second...

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  • Clarke OZ40K

    Clarke OZ40K

    Ozone is the strongest oxidant commercially available and is a proven deodorizer. The OZ40K™ doesn’t just cover up foul odors; it actually destroys the molecules that cause them. The OZ40K features a hermetically sealed severe application...

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