• Task-Pro Tp1500 Floor Burnisher

    Task-Pro Tp1500 Floor Burnisher

    TP1500 ™ Floor Machine • 20 inch deck • 1,500 rpm • 1.5 hp dc rectified motor • All-metal construction • Flexible pad driver included • Handle mounted circuit breaker • Safety lock-out switch • 50...

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  • Viper AS1050R Rider Scrubber

    Viper AS1050R Rider Scrubber

    Built to make quick, effective work of the biggest indoor environments, the rugged Viper AS1050R is our largest ride-on scrubber – but it’s still highly maneuverable and resource-efficient, with features that maximize performance while...

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  • Viper VV78350 Single Nozzle Hand Sprayer Kit

    Viper VV78350 Single Nozzle Hand Sprayer Kit

    Viper Hand Sprayer Kit The Viper hand sprayer kit includes everything you need to turn your carpet cleaner into a disinfectant spray dispenser Durable 15-foot high-pressure hose with threaded endsTrigger assembly with lockable trigger24-inch stainless...

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  • RD-Fx™  UVC System

    RD-Fx™ UVC System

    The RD-Fx™UVC System is a fixed mount system providing rapid disinfection of coronavirus and other harmful pathogens like viruses and bacteria in under 2 minutes. This is an ideal UVC system for procedure or treatment rooms in healthcare facilities...

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  • Liberty SC50 Autonomous Scrubber

    Liberty SC50 Autonomous Scrubber

    The Liberty SC50 is an autonomous floor scrubber for medium to large areas. It is ideal for airports, schools, gymnasiums, shopping centers, and more.  Since the Liberty SC50 can clean on its own without an operator, it frees up the staff to do...