How to Select the Right Cleaning Equipment for Your School

How to Select the Right Cleaning Equipment for Your School

Dec 4th 2020

The Challenges and the Rewards of Cleaner Schools

Research shows that students learn best in clean, comfortable environments. And on the flip side, poorly maintained learning environments can lead to distractions and missed days.

That’s why it’s so important to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness in your school. Although it can be challenging when you’re trying to cut costs and manage your budgets, we’re here to help you maximize your cleaning efficiency, effectiveness and environmental friendliness, all while reducing waste and expense.

We created this guide to help you improve your cleaning processes, minimize your costs and create the cleanest, healthiest environments for your students.

It’s far less expensive to keep the dirt and grime out of your facilities than it is to get it out after it’s there. That’s why you should always start your cleaning program where you get the most bang for your buck — outside of your facility.

  • Regularly clean your entrances
  • Install matting at entryways
  • Filter air to reduce airborne dust

Encourage students and staff to pick up outdoor trash and litter when they see it.

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